Location and History



Carcere di Volterra, Casa di Reclusione La Fortezza

Volterra Prison is housed inside a fourteenth century medieval fortress on top of the hills of Tuscany. 



History of Compagnia della Fortezza

Compagnia della Fortezza was founded in August of 1988 and is now approaching it's 30th year. Founded by Carte Blanche with continued direction of Armando Punzo, the company is one of the most sought-after theatre production company of its kind.

The company produces an average of one show per year, in addition to ongoing engagements and traveling productions. They have been awarded the most prestigious awards and recognition in the world of theatre. They continue to receive promising consensus among public and private theatre practitioners as well as the general public.

At a national level, Compagnia della Fortezza thrives to create the first of its kind, Stable Repertoire Theatre inside prison. A revolutionary program in progress, they pride in their ongoing and uninterrupted success for nearly three decades.